Death – a beginning NOT an end


Death is a certainty that all the humans on the face of earth agree upon. Often we see, hear or talk about someone’s death but what happens after death? Is death really the end? Some might say “What is there to think about death? It’s beyond our control. Our time will come and we will die — that is it. While there is time, we must make most out of our life. Eat, drink, love, achieve power and glory, earn money, etc. Don’t think about an unpleasant thing like death.”  If death is the end, then yes, we need not think about it but what if death is not the end? So, let’s think about this.

How did we come to Earth? Who placed us here?

  • Were we created by nothing?
  • Did we create ourselves?
  • Did we come to earth on our own will?

If the answer is “no” for all the questions above, do we have a creator?

Scientists agree that Universe had a beginning as the age of the universe can be measured. Since Universe has a beginning, we are left with just two possibilities for the origin of the Universe:

1) Universe came into existence from nothing on its own or

2) Universe was created by a Creator whom we refer to as God.

If someone believes that Universe came into existence from nothing on its own, it means that this universe created itself when it did not exist. It is like saying that the pen created itself or you gave birth to yourself. This is logically and scientifically impossible. Since the universe did not create itself, the only possibility is that the Universe was created by a Creator. The same Creator Who created the Universe, also created us.

You may ask “Okay, who created the Creator?”

We use “Time” to measure the beginning and end of everything. Just like the Universe, “Time” also came into existence. All things created in this Universe are dependent on time; hence they all have a beginning and end. The Creator who created the universe was present even before “time” came into existence and is hence independent of it. Therefore, the Creator can neither have a beginning nor an end and has always existed. For example: if this article had existed forever, it would not need a creator or an author. The same holds good with the Creator (God) as well.

Why did God create us? Why this life and death?

God did not create us for play and fun. God created us for a purpose to worship Him alone and not worship any of His creations like idols, images, sun, star, planets, humans etc. Worshipping God includes offering prayers and living a life of obedience to God by performing good deeds and staying away from all evil deeds.

You are accountable to God for your deeds on earth

You might have heard some people say, “Forget about being good. Many corrupt and bad people enjoy their life with fame and money. Why should we care to be good? All that matters is success in life.” On the face of it, the comment looks very appealing but we need to remember that God, Who is our Creator, is Most Just and will not let us get away with what we did in this world. Each one of us is answerable to God for our deeds we do in this world.

The world will come to an end one day. All the human beings from the first man to the last will be brought back to life on the Day of Judgment and will be questioned for their deeds. After you die, you will be brought back to life on the Day of Judgement along with the rest of mankind.

Is it logical to believe in Life after Death?

We all know that creating something for the first time will be difficult and repeating the same thing again is easier. When God did not have any difficulty creating us the first time, why will He find it difficult, to give us life after we die? Bringing us back to life after our death is indeed very easy for God.

Do we really need a Life after Death?

We need Life after Death because we all desire justice. The world we live in is filled with injustice. Around us, we can see lot of good people suffering, while many bad people enjoy their life. Perfect and complete justice is not possible in this world. To give an example, how do we punish a suicide bomber who kills himself and also kills several innocent people leading the families of the innocent victims into grief and emotional distress? How do we compensate the innocent people who lost their lives in the suicide bombing? Although we would all agree that the suicide bomber should be punished and the innocent victims should be compensated, in reality we can neither punish the suicide bomber nor can we compensate the innocent victims killed by the suicide bomber.

Perfect Justice in the Life after Death

God has been watching us, knowing our intentions and is fully aware of the effects of our deeds in this world.

 God will weigh our good deeds against our bad deeds, and pronounce His judgment on us accordingly. Even the smallest of our deeds will be taken into account on the Day of Judgment. Every person will know for what he is rewarded or punished.

The reward will be Paradise and the punishment will be Hell. The life in Paradise and Hell will be eternal. Since the life in Paradise and Hell is never ending, God can punish evil people like suicide bombers as many times as the number of people they killed or as many times as they deserve to be punished. Similarly, God can compensate the innocent victims as many times as He wants without an end. This is the Perfect Justice every human being longs for but fails to get in this world.

Paradise – for whom, Hell – for whom?

The righteous people who worshipped the One True God and never prostrated to or prayed to any other thing or a person, and lived a life of kindness and morality will be rewarded with an Eternal bliss and delight in Paradise.

The evil and the arrogant people who after knowing the truth, chose to worship and serve God’s creations like idols, images, sun, star, planets, humans etc. and lived a life in disobedience of their Creator by performing evil and shameful deeds will be punished in blazing Hell Fire for eternity.

What is Paradise?

Paradise is a place of never ending happiness where the righteous will be given whatever they desire and ask for. There will be no sickness, sorrow, enmity, jealousy, hatred, aging etc. God will gift the righteous with pleasures and comforts that they have never seen, heard of or even imagined.

What is Hell?

Hell is a place of never ending misery where the evil will suffer in blazing fire. They will neither die nor live. Their food will be dirty wound discharge (pus) and thorny plants and their drink will be extremely hot boiling water.

God is Most Forgiving and Most Merciful

God is not cruel and does not like to see people punished in Hell. God rewards us multiple times for our good deeds and He extends His infinite mercy through His unlimited forgiveness and is ever willing to forgive the people who seek His forgiveness. Only the arrogant people, who refuse to correct their deeds and seek forgiveness from God and die in that state, will end up in Hell fire.

What about re-birth? Won’t we come back to this earth again?

The element of justice is absent in the concept of birth and re-birth. One basic principle in rendering justice is to reveal the reasons for punishment or reward. For example: If a group of policemen come to your house and say that you are arrested, won’t you ask them “Why and for what crime you are arrested?” If the police do not disclose the reason for the arrest, won’t you object to the arrest? Won’t you consider this to be injustice?

Do you know if your birth in this world is your first orsecond or third? Do you know for what deeds you are rewarded or punished in this birth? If you do not know the answers for the above questions, is it not injustice that you are punished or rewarded in this birth?

Also, if someone had harmed you in your past life, was that person punished for that sin? If yes, are you aware of it? If not, then justice has not been rendered to you!  This shows that the concept of rebirth is not only illogical but also devoid of Justice.

Did God tell us about Life after Death? If Yes, How?

God informed us about the purpose of our existence and life after death through His Prophets. Prophets were righteous human beings who lived as role models. The Prophets were only human and they did not have any divine qualities. God sent Prophets to every country including India. Names of prophets have been safeguarded in some cultures while some have not, like India. Some of the Prophets whom we know by name are: Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses and Jesus.  The last and final Prophet in the chain of Prophets was Prophet Muhammad.

Proof for Life after Death – The Quran

Quran is the final revelation (Instruction Manual for mankind) given through the last messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad. Quran was not authored by Prophet Muhammad. The entire Quran is the Word of God which has remained unchanged for the last 14 centuries. God, the author of Quran, challenges us to pick out a single error in it. God says:

“Do they not consider the Quran carefully? Had it been from others beside God, then it would have contained many errors and inconsistencies” (Quran Chapter 4: Verse 82).

There are more than a thousand verses in the Glorious Quran, containing facts about various fields of science like geology, embryology, astronomy, botany, physics, zoology, oceanography and psychology. Many scientific facts mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago have been discovered only in the last few centuries. The Quran which spoke about these recent scientific discoveries with remarkable accuracy also speaks about life after death and so logically one can conclude that the concept of life after death mentioned in the Quran has to be true and correct.

Say, "Surely, the death from which you are running away from – indeed, it will catch up with you. Then you will be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the seen (God), and He will inform you about what you used to do." (Quran Chapter 62: Verse 8)

Your destination will be decided based on your actions on earth. What would you like your destination to be – Paradise or Hell? The choice is yours. Remember, Death is a beginning not an end!